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It's been a week since we returned from Seattle, but the blogoshpere is teeming with posts about our visit, our experiences, our learning activities and excursions, about the wonderful time we spent together. In order not to miss any of the precious posts by my fellow PIL bloggers, I've decided to make a list of all the posts about the Institute that have been published up to now and I'll update the list on a regular basis. Please keep me posted about the new arrivals.

Here they are (in the order they appeared)

Bart: Ped Xing
Dan: Microsoft Magical Mystery Tour Part 15 - Amazing just the way you are (feel free to read parts 1-17 as well:-)))
Bram: Maken we chef koks van onze leerlingen of keukenhulpjes? ;  Follow the guide through the Microsoft Partners in Learning Institute and The balance between Microsoft, partners and learning
Arjana:  Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond,  Inspired, motivated and enthusiastic (+ 4 posts on my Croatian blog)
Jugoslava: First Partners in Learning Institute
Kylie: The End is here... (+ more posts about the Institute from her archives)
Robyn: Dancing to a Great Song Part 1
Fiona: Will you be the next to attend the Microsoft Partners in Learning Institute week? and Why not hold a TeachMeet in your area?
Gergely: Ma van a tegnap holnapja, Immerzív tanulás, Innovatív tanárok fóruma USA, Tananyagok és tanulás and  Jó nekünk?
Laurence: From … Partners in Learning Institute / retour sur une semaine à Redmond
Kiley: Recap: Microsoft Partners in Learning Institute

Don't forget to take a look at these amazing videos:

Bart: Redmond, Seattle
Bram: MS PIL Institute in Seattle, Washington
Arjana: MS PIL Institute 2011
Dan: Partners in Learning Institute 2011 Redmond
Laurence: Seattle


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