Bloom's interactive taxonomy

Last week I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a Master Teachers Course organized in Prague by Intel Teacher Engage  and led by the one and only Ollie Bray. Ollie had 18 of us from Eastern Europe + Spain glued to every word he said and  made us do all the activities eagerly and enthusiastically for almost ten hours every day. He's an exceptional presenter, a skilful teacher trainer and a great person. Everything was meticulously organized by the wonderful Ruth Merrett from Intel who made it all run smoothly and who took care of all of us with a smile on her face. It was an absolute honour for me to be there with teachers from different countries, some of them Glogster ambassadors like myself, and to learn together with them and from them.

One of the teachers in the course was my dear friend Rose, who I had the pleasure of meeting virtually almost three years ago when she joined my Greetings from the world project. It was a special moment when we first met in person - on the plane from Munich to Prague. Again, I was amazed at how easily we talk to people who we meet for the first time f2f, after having known them only virtually.

In the course we talked about HOT skills and my dear Rose  made a glogster about Bloom's digital taxonomy with all the links to the tools that can be used to enhance these skills. It's really handy to have all these tools at your fingertips - they are just a click away:


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