How we learn

In my presentations on the skills of the 21st century I often share with my audience the famous quote by William Glasser: "We learn...
10% of what we READ
20% of what we
30% of what we
50% of what we SEE and
70% of what we DISCUSS with
80% of what we EXPERIENCE
95% of what we TEACH TO SOMEONE

Well, today I found out that William Glasser never said that. Who did, I have no idea. It might have been Edgar Dale, whose cone is frequently used to show how we learn. Some people say that these numbers are misleading and have no scientific acuracy. Nevertheless, I still believe that this quote is a good description of learning retention rates.

All the learning pyramids that can be found on the Internet are in English, of course, so I made my own pyramid with numbers and icons only, so that it can be used in different  linguistic settings.

For those who don't like pink, I made a more calming variant:



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