TeachMeets "r" us

I've written about teachmeets here and here and everywhere, but I simply must write about this favorite topic of mine again, because TeachMeet Int'l that Sonja, Bart and I run, host and moderate has been nominated for this year's Edublog Awards in the category Best Open Professional Development along with other prominent conferences and  PD courses.

We're all so excited and proud to see that TeachMeets have earned the recognition they, I believe, fully deserve.  Because TeachMeets give a voice to ordinary teachers who do extraordinary things ... extraordinarily well!

TeachMeets in numbers:
  • 67 teachers from more than 40 countries from across the 6 continents presented at 3 virtual international teachmeets;
  • 20 teachers presented at 2  virtual regional teachmeets;
  • 44 teachers presented at 3 teachmeets live
That's why I invite you to vote for us: Click VOTE HERE, choose the category OPEN PD and vote for TeachMeets. Voting is open till 11:59 PM US Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, December 9th.


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