Imaging Europe

Two and a half years ago I was invited to join a group of teachers and students from seven European countries who were about to apply for a Comenius project about movies and students and the future and Europe.  

Our project "Imaging Europe 2011-2013" was accepted by our national agencies, and now, two years later, we have proved that it really was an outstanding project that has left a huge mark on all the participants. It made us realize how similar yet different we are and how important it is to get to know each other in order to better understand our differences and to respect people from other cultures.

The main task of the project was to create a road movie about Europe's past, present and future: as our students see it today, what it looked like to be a European from the perspective of an 18-year-old student 20 years ago and how today's young people see the Europe of the future, in 2020.

We worked on the videos in our schools and then showed each other our work in the f2f meetings organized in our schools. The meetings were fantastic opportunities for all of us to connect and to learn from each other. The first meeting was held in Greece. Croatia, Romania and Turkey followed in 2012, Belgium hosted the fifth meeting at the beginning of 2013 and Spain organized the final meeting and the awards ceremony in May. The ceremony was the climax of our work – just like the Oscars – no, actually, it was much merrier, more dignified, more impressive and festive than the Oscars – with tuxedos and long gowns… well, not really as most of the girls wore short dresses and super high heels and outstanding hairstyles. Each team showcased what they had been doing over the past 2 years. The awards were given in eight categories –and what a coincidence! – each team got one award. We won the Best Acting Skills Award!

The project is now over but friendships are here to stay forever.

Comenius is  part of the Life Long Learning programme funded by the European Commission. Schools from European countries are encouraged to connect and apply and if their project is accepted, all the participating schools get a grant to carry it out.


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