Something completely different

I love web 2.0 tools! No, that's rather an understatement! I adore tools! I enjoy exploring this vast sea of new technologies and  experimenting with them to see what would work best in my classroom.  Some of the tools are really awesome, but yesterday I stumbled upon one that is beyond awesome!!!! Videoscribe by Sparkol  is "a unique way to create engaging animated videos quickly and easily". It's something completely different! I've seen and admired such animated "doodle-style" videos so many times before and I always thought that you need to be an artist to produce such stunning pieces of art!

Until I saw a jaw-dropping video created by Adrijana Leko, an innovative and creative teacher from Croatia. And I immediately gave it a try and was euphoric all day yesterday and still am about this fabulous, fantastic, awesome, wondrous tool! Now I can draw too! I can be an artist as well!

So here's my first Videoscribe - eTwinning 3.0. It's a "promotional" video about a new learning event that Bart and I will be running in the eTwinning Learning Lab in September. Earlier this year we ran our first learning event during which we took our participants on a Learning Odyssey to explore the sea of web tools. This time we're inviting eTwinners to fly with us and to discover new horizons of learning and connecting in eTwinning 3.0. It's going to be something completely different too!

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