Summer in the shade with 2 eTwinning publications

With temperatures between 36-38 degrees Celsius here in Croatia, there's no better thing to do but to grab a book and find a shade somewhere near the beach. Instead of a book, I'd suggest grabbing these 2 inspiring eTwinning publications.

Daniela Bunea, English teacher from Romania, is the leader of the Visibility of eTwinning projects Group on the eTwinning portal and the editor-in-chief of the eponymous newsletter,  published once a year. Each newsletter brings a huge number of articles written by teachers from across Europe about their innovative projects and creative ideas that they have put into practice.

I'm especially proud to be one of the contributors to this year's newsletter. I've written an article about the learning event that I co-ran in the Learning Lab of the eTwinning portal earlier this year.

Another reason why I'm tremendously proud and deeply honoured are three more articles in the newsletter that mention my projects and „endeavours“as being inspirational, creative and dynamic:
·         Tatiana Popa in her "My eTwinning Odyssey" says she enjoyed taking part in the above mentioned learning event,
·         Seraphine Francoise Altamura in her"eTwinning Annual Conference 2013: Citizenship and School Collaboration"  talks about the workshop that I co-led in Lisbon,
·         Rositsa Minvea in her"Glogster EDU in eTwinning projects" speaks highly of my Greetings from the world project.
I really, really appreciate it very much, Tatiana, Francoise and Rose.

Another publication that I had a huge pleasure of taking part in its creation is Teachers' Rooms handbook. In December last year I took part in "eTwinning goes social: creating and managing a successful Teachers' Room, a learning event run by expert teacher Laura Maffei. It was an excellent CPD event with lots of fruitful discussions and sharing of knowledge, ideas and experiences. The result of our dedicated work is a Teachers' Rooms Handbook where you can find lots of useful tips, suggestions and advice on how to create a virtual teachers' room and how to keep it alive and useful to its members.

So, don't hesitate, grab these two publications and get yourself inspired.
Visibility of eTwinning projects
Zen and the Art of Teachers' Rooms Maintenance


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