eTwinning magic in Dubrovnik

I'm a perfectionist and I'm hardly ever totally satisfied with the workshops and seminars that I deliver. But last weekend at the eTwinning contact seminar in Dubrovnik I was completely totally fully satisfied and euphorically happy with my workshops A Little Bit of Magic with Collaboration Tools.

It was magical indeed! And I even had a magic wand and a magician hat filled with -I'm sure you would never guess! - with chocolate and gingerbread hearts, and what's more I also had my own (magician) assistant - Bart, with whom I also gave the opening plenary workshop called eTwinning on the Beach.

In my Magic Workshop I introduced some useful web 2.0 tools to the participants from 9 European countries, but the best part of the workshop had nothing to do with technology - it was all about collaboration: it was about singing karaoke and making a lip dub together!  The participants were so enthusiastic and passionate about it and I immensely enjoyed every second of the workshop.

Don't stop me now by the Queen was the song that I had chosen for karaoke and lip dub and it almost instantly became the "official" song of the whole seminar and so did the word "magic" - those three days in Dubrovnik were definitely all about magic.


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