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I love Twitter, I always have, ever since I first started following Ashton Kutcher @aplusk, (yes, really!) in April 2009. Only a month later, my PLN began to take shape. That was also the time when the first educational Twitter chat took place.

4,5 years later, my PLN plays a very important role for my professional, but also personal development and Twitter chats are events I take part in whenever I can.  I have grown both professionally and personally over those 4,5 year, as Italian educator Alessandra Pallavicini aptly said:

Yesterday, I went even further than that -  I led the first eTwinning Twitter Marathon together with Bart Verswijvel, with whom I have already done lots of educational projects that have inspired a huge number of educators worldwide.

ETWION as we called it, brought together more than 150 educators from all over the world. It lasted for 5 hours non-stop, with Bart and me welcoming the audience, involving them in the conversations, making sure everything was running smoothly and being there for the participants all the time without stopping. Our special guest, Shelly Terrell, @shellterrell, American educator and co-founder of #edchat, greatly  contributed  to the topic Using Social Media for CPD.

These five hours passed in a flash. You could feel contagious enthusiasm and passion in the tweets with the  #etwion hashtag.  Everything was perfect except one thing that, fortunately, no one noticed, but the two of us ( Bart and I were in touch via Skype during the whole event).At one point, during the second hour of ETWION, I got a message from Tweedeck telling me that  I had reached the daily limit of tweets and I wasn't allowed to tweet  from that platform anymore! But I could still tweet from Twitter web (with no possibility of retweets, though) and I also used Echofon on my iPad. Suddenly, less than an hour later, the service was restored  and I was back in business at full speed.

During the Twitterathon some wonderful resources were shared, creative ideas were exchanged, student projects were showcased, web tools were discussed, ETWION games were made, new partnerships were forged and new projects were launched. At the end, the information everybody wanted to have was the date of the next ETWION.

Bart made this chirpified list of tweets and Valentina Garoia of European Schoolnet collected all the tweets in Tweet Archivist.

The number of sent tweets is absolutely amazing - 1703 during the five hours. I lead the list of top tweeters - no wonder, I love Twitter - and connecting and learning with like-minded educators.


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