Miracles do happen

These days when the West Jet Christmas video is going viral, I've been thinking about the message it conveys - Miracles do happen if we all work as one. Yes, I know, it's a fairy tale, but still, I want to believe and I do believe that miracles really happen - if we join forces we can make things happen, do the unthinkable, make dreams come true!

Take my school for example. It's old, it desperately needs a complete makeover, which will most likely not happen, not even in the distant future, with all these cuts in the field of education (unfortunately, my government doesn't understand that investing in education brings prosperity to a country).

This time last year our computer lab looked like this:

Today it looks totally different:

Inspired by the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, it is now a flexible learning space that motivates students, sparks creativity and instills the love of learning and teaching.

I've written about it so many times before here and here and recently I was invited to lead a webinar for the Living Schools Lab, a project coordinated by theEuropean Schoolnet, and to talk about how we managed to create such a creative space. The recording is here and the presentation is below:

The video about how Samsung School Solution is used at my school:


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