Unlock Learning with Ollie Bray

I've just finished reading yet another must read by Ollie Bray -  Using 1:1 to Unlock Learning. It's a fantastic resource on how to deploy 1:1 computing at your school.  It can be downloaded for free on Slideshare and as a pdf.

Ollie gives lots of practical information on what teachers, school administrators and policy makers need to take into consideration if they want to deploy a 1:1 learning environment. I highly recommend this book, even if you don't have any plans for using 1:1 computing whatsoever. Because it's learning and teaching that this great e-Book is about. Or as Ollie says, "Adding technology doesn't mean more learning and adding technology to a boring lesson may not make a lesson more interesting."

With Ollie in Swindon, 2012 


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