Week 22: New York, New York

I spent my winter break with my nearest and dearest at home in Croatia. It felt like a dream to be home again after four months.

Naturally, it passed in a flash and I soon had to return to State College. My stand by trip was nerve-racking as it always is. It seemed that half of the world population was heading to the US and that I'd never get a seat. But I did. I got a seat on the flight to New York City and from there I planned to take the bus to SC on the same day. However, it happened that during that particular week NYC hotels were unbelievably cheap so while I was airborne, my husband booked a room for me in a hotel just a few steps from Times Square. What's more, when I landed, not only did I have a room booked, but also a bus ticket to SC bought, my American phone refilled and a screenshot of how to get from the airport to the hotel sent to my email. Because I have the best husband in the world.

Photos from NYC:


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