Week 25: Wisecrackers and Superbowl

I don't have a TV in my apartment, but Super Bowl watching was organized in the commons area of our community. So with chips and dips, a cosy fireplace and comfy easy chairs, Humphrey fellow Wafaa and  I spent nice 3,5 hours trying to understand the ins and outs of this still incomprehensible sport. Luckily, Croatia won - the coaches of both teams have their family roots in Croatia and the winner will be treated to a vacation in Croatia by the Croatia Tourist Board.

Anyway, the commercials and Katy Perry's halftime performance along with Lenny Kravitz were spectacular and really worth watching. The commercials are unbelievably expensive - my friend Myra told me that the placement cost is $1,500,000 for 30 seconds!!!

This week I was invited to a fundraiser for the Mid State Literacy Council (where I've been doing my community service). It was held in the Wisecrackers Comedy Club where three stand up comedians performed. One of them was Billy Garan, who is extremely talented, performs so naturally and with great ease. His show was hilarious and I laughed all the time while he was on stage.

In the meantime in State College, it hasn't stopped snowing since I arrived. Or better to say snow alternates with sleet, flurries, freezing rain, black ice and blizzard (that wasn't really), providing me with a great opportunity to learn snow vocabulary. It seems there'll be even more opportunities for learning as Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter!

Last but not least, I just got an email from the IIE that I was selected for participation in the Community College Residency Program and will be spending one week in Boston! In spring!


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