Week 38: Signed by the President

This is my last week at Penn State. I'm writing this post in my apartment where there's nothing there, except the inflatable mattress that I bought upon my arrival here in State College 38 weeks ago. It's been an amazing experience.

The highlight of the week was the Year-End Banquet, which started with a video message by President Jimmy Carter, who congratulated the Fellows on a successful completion of the program year. Dr. Michael Adewumi, Vice-Provost for Global Programs at Penn State University also congratulated us and Mayor of State College, Elizabeth Goreham, proclaimed that we are now citizens of State College.

Receiving Proclamation

Emily Heddon from the IIE awarded the certificates signed by President Obama to all the Fellows. Here's mine and I'm especially honored and proud to have received it. I'll cherish it forever.

It was a great honor to receive my Penn State Certificate from Dean Monk, who is the Dean of the College of Ed. 

My PSU Certificate for Teaching and learning with technology
Brinda gave a wonderful emotional speech on behalf of all the Humphrey Fellows and after that the Community Service Awards were announced. I was thrilled when Talat announced that "the first prize for extraordinary community service went to .... ME! 
Herizal and Wafaa were also awarded for community service. All the three of us did our community service at the Mid-State Literacy Council, where we enjoyed working with English tutors and international students.

After the ceremony we took lots of photos and selfies and then had our last  potluck in my apartment. 

Tomorrow as we're leaving for other parts of the US,  we'll say goodbye to our coordinators, Leila, Talat and Jane,  to all our friends who we have met here and who have made our stay here a wonderful experience. I'm grateful to every one of them. Goodbye Penn State, goodbye Pennsylvania, I will never forget you.

And to my Humphreys: Be there on Tuesday 1pm  no matter where you are. 


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