Tech Tools For Recognizing Patterns

After visualizing and verbalizing problems, students can now proceed to the second stage of computational thinking: recognizing patterns, detecting trends and finding regularities in data. They can use graphic organizers to identify relationships between objects, connect and classify information and recognize patterns.

Here are some tools and websites where you can find free printable graphic organizers:
Graphic Organizers by Scholastic
Graphic Organizers by Education Place
Free Graphic Organizers by edhelper
Student Handouts

On this site you can find a very easy-to-use Venn Diagram Maker. Gliffy and Lucidchart that I mentioned in my post on verbal thinking can also be used to create Venn diagrams to indicate which elements are common and which are unique in a list of things.

On ReadWriteThink there are a lot of useful graphic organizers, such as
Compare and contrast
Connection stem  and Connection Web for making connections, e.g. in a text
KWL Creator

Check out ten free downloadable graphic organizers for teaching writing by Larry Ferlazzo.

Why not create your own graphic organizers and print them out. Canva is a tool that offers a number of different templates or you can create your own from scratch.

If you are ecologically conscious and want to use interactive graphic organizers, you can use Lino and create your own organizer. Make sure that all the stickies posted by students are visible. Here's a sample Lino Board that you can play with.

Padlet now offers an interactive KWL chart. In my opinion this is the best interactive KWL to be found online. Check it out below: Feel free to add your thoughts and ideas to both Padlet and Lino.

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