That time of year

It's that time of year again. And what a year it has been!

In my last year's reflection I wrote about career change and imagine what! I have a new job!

Well, kind of. I'm still employed at my school, but I have been seconded to the Ministry of Education and currently I’m working as a Teacher Trainer with the International Expert Working Group for the Implementation of the Curricular Reform in Croatia at the Croatian Ministry of Education. 

I'm one of the mentors to teachers in the experimental program School for Life.

My job involves teacher training, writing curriculum guidebooks for teachers, developing course materials and resources, digital technology implementation and moderating virtual classrooms for teachers. It's a very creative job and I love it!

In 2018, I delivered 48 workshops in Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Malta and the UK and I moderated the ITELab pilot MOOC on the European Schoolnet Academy.

In January, I visited BETT for the first time and was thrilled to co-host the first International Teachmeet at BETT. It was a wonderful event of sharing best practice by 14 inspiring teachers.

In July,  I co-designed and co-hosted the third run of a highly successful course at the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, Creativity and Innovation in My Classroom. The feedback Bart and I received from our participants was excellent and we are now preparing our 4th edition of the course. 

In October,  I was delighted to have been selected to design and deliver a two-day course on Developing eTwinning KA2 projects for language development by the Maltese National Agency (EUPA) in St. Paul's Bay in Malta. It was a huge pleasure to work with 29 teachers from 10 countries.

In November I designed and delivered a two-day course on Flipped Classroom at the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. There were 20 teachers from 9 countries and I think it was a fantastic course, I dare say one of the best I have ever led.

And last but not least, my longtime wish came true: my husband and I visited Australia. We stayed there for three weeks and spent unforgettable time with our Australian family and friends in Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne. 


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